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The mission of Uplift Hospice is to be a differentiator in the hospice community through high quality, individualized care alongside a community-oriented company culture. We want patients and their families to feel at ease during an often-difficult time of life. We recognize that in order to deliver the highest standard of hospice home care services to our patients, we must first allow our employees to grow and thrive in an environment of respect, trust, and appreciation for all that they do.
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Home Care Services Team

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The medical director works to coordinate a holistic care plan that takes into account each individual’s unique needs and determines the most effective medication regimen to maximize comfort and quality of life. The medical director reviews all patients at a minimum every two weeks to ensure the plan of care, medications, and medical interventions all remain effective and appropriate.

The registered nurse case manager is the main point of contact and clinical support for individuals and families. Closely assessing and listening to needs and desires at each visit, the nurse reports any changes to the medical director and works collectively with all team members in order to provide optimal care. 

The certified nursing assistant provides a wide variety of assistance home care services for those that require extra help with their activities of daily living. Some services include bathing, toileting, skin care, hair care, oral care, dressing, linen changes, and incontinence care while maximizing dignity and privacy. 

The social worker is available for a wide range of social services such as emotional support, guidance on potential assistance programs, coordination of placement into group homes or facilities, elaboration on the respite benefit for caregivers, and any other social service needs.

The chaplain is available to support any spiritual needs while accommodating all religious preferences. Chaplains can support non-religious or non-spiritual individuals as well in any manner that helps achieve emotional well-being.

The bereavement team is responsible for providing grief support to families and caregivers after their loved ones have passed on. The bereavement team reaches out for a minimum of 13 months after passing to offer services such as support groups, mailings, phone calls, and in-person visits.

Volunteers can be scheduled for regular visits or on an as-needed basis to provide companionship and allow caregivers to take a reprieve from the demands of daily care.

The physical and occupational therapist helps guide safe practices when caring for a loved one at home and assists with any other physical therapy needs. Potential services include instruction on safe transfers, ambulating with an assistive device such as a walker or cane, and fall prevention.

The speech therapist is available to assess an individual’s ability to swallow, recommend interventions to reduce risks associated with these types of changes, and provide creative ideas to maximize comfort and help the patient communicate their needs.

The dietician is available to consult on necessary changes to nutritional needs that are common with the progression of various diseases. Providing education and addressing questions and concerns of caregivers can help provide comfort for loved ones and their families.

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