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If you or your loved ones are in need of hospice homecare services in Las Vegas, NV, or surrounding areas, Uplift Hospice can provide exceptional in-home care throughout Nevada. Our team is dedicated to assisting you and addressing any concerns you may have.

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Why Uplift Hospice?

At Uplift Hospice, we understand that facing end-of-life care decisions can be challenging for both patients and their families. That’s why our in-home hospice care services are designed to provide compassionate care in the comfort of your own home. Our team of experienced and dedicated healthcare professionals is committed to ensuring that patients receive the highest quality care while maintaining dignity, comfort, and respect during this sensitive time.

Levels of Care We Provide

This is the most common level of care throughout the hospice journey, and is typically the level of hospice care that most people are familiar with. Routine home care is provided in the home of the person receiving services whether this home is their private residence or a facility they have chosen as their current home. These include private residence, assisted living facility, group home, independent living facility, memory care facility, and more. Your hospice team conducts routine visits based on your personalized plan of care. 

Respite care is a 5-day period that provides a break or “respite” for caregivers. Family members taking care of loved ones are considered caregivers and thus qualify for respite. The hospice recipient will stay at a contracted nursing facility for a maximum of 5 days to allow caregivers some time away from the daily responsibilities of care in order to recharge. Your care team will assist in coordinating respite care including transportation to and from the respite care location.

Continuous home care is a level of care that provides specialized care in the home to assist caregivers if symptoms of pain or respiratory distress are difficult to manage. This level of care is elevated in terms of the frequency and intensity of care, and is temporary until symptoms are managed. The goal of continuous home care is to keep loved ones in their home where they are most comfortable and to avoid the need for hospital visits.

Similar to continuous home care, general inpatient care is for unmanaged symptoms that need 24 hour nursing assessment and intervention. However, GIP care is provided in a skilled nursing facility rather than in the home. GIP care is provided only as long as symptoms remain unmanaged and is not intended to be a long-term method of care. Once symptoms are managed, the hospice recipient will return home and resume routine home care.

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